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Do you remember the last time you started paying more attention to your home plumbing? It isn't always easy to tackle plumbing problems on your own, which is why I started focusing more and more on working with someone who knew what they were doing. It was really interesting to see how much of a difference it made to me to have a pro come in and take care of the job, and within a few short weeks, things had been completely taken care of. This blog is all about plumbing for sanitation purposes to streamline your life. Check it out!


3 Ways To Reduce Water Heater Fire Risks

5 June 2020
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No modern home would be complete without a water heater. These appliances provide heated water to all plumbing fixtures within the home. Maintaining your water heater properly is essential in preserving your access to hot water, but proper maintenance and care can also reduce the risk of a house fire caused by a home's water heater. This is especially true if you have a gas-fueled water heater. Statistics show that appliances like water heaters are responsible for causing 7% of house fires and 4% of deaths. Read More …

What’s A Heat Pump Water Heater, And Should You Buy One?

3 June 2020
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When shopping for a water heater, you used to have two basic options: gas or electric. That has changed. One option that is becoming more popular is the heat pump water heater. At first glance, you might think this is just a standard, electric water heater since it does run off electricity. But there are some important differences. Here's some basic information about heat pump water heaters and when they work well. Read More …

Commercial Drain Cleaning Basics

22 May 2020
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Commercial drains must be kept running smoothly for the safety and convenience of your clients and staff. Unfortunately, commercial drains often experience heavier usage than a residential drain, so the tactics you know for managing clogs at home won't translate to the office. The following are some of the techniques professionals must use to keep commercial drains clear. Camera Inspections A clogged drain in a commercial building often requires a full camera inspection—especially in larger buildings with multiple floors. Read More …

Personal Protective Equipment You Must Wear in the Sewer

13 May 2020
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When cleaning a sewer, you will be exposing yourself to hazardous waste. As a result, there are several forms of personal protective equipment (PPE) that you must be wearing to avoid getting sick. Sewers contain a variety of bacteria and viruses that can cause stomach illness. The following list of PPE will help you ensure you can complete this task safely.  1. Gloves Sewer cleaning requires a lot of work with your hands. Read More …

Drain Cleaning: Why You Should Avoid Harmful Chemicals

30 April 2020
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If you have a slow-flowing or clogged drain, you may want to attempt to fix it yourself by pouring an over-the-countering drain cleaning chemical down the pipes in an attempt to dissolve whatever obstruction lies within the pipes. Though this appears to be the most convenient approach, there are actually several drawbacks. Rather than using chemical drain cleaners, you should actually contact a professional plumber to come in and perform services for a handful of reasons. Read More …