3 Essential Factors To Remember When Buying A Well Pump

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3 Essential Factors To Remember When Buying A Well Pump

2 March 2021
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If you live away from the city and cannot get municipal water, you can choose to invest in a well to avoid water shortages. Drilling a well will give you peace of mind, as you'll have a sufficient water supply to meet all of your needs. Besides, you won't pay for the water and can even supply it to your neighbors and earn money from your investment.

However, to access the water, you'll need to buy a well pump that can meet your requirements. The market currently provides a wide range of pumps, like submersible and jet pumps. So, what factors should you consider to make a smart choice? The following tips shared by experienced plumbers will guide you accordingly.

1. The Well Depth

The depth of wells varies significantly even if they are drilled on the same property because this is determined by the water table's position. If the water table is higher, the drill will access the water quickly. Choose a jet pump if you have a shallow well, due to its mechanical simplicity. You can also use a jet pump for a well that doesn't exceed a hundred feet, but if the well is deeper, you'll need a submersible pump.

2. The Pump Quality

Another crucial point you should consider is the well pump brand. Buy a reliable brand and can last many years without constant maintenance. Most companies that offer outstanding products usually use quality motors and components to design the pump. An easy way to know the most suitable brand is to check out reviews online. If customers who have bought a specific brand are happy, you should likely get the same brand. You can also consult with a water service technician to know the brand they recommend.

3. The Water Requirements

Water needs differ from one household to another, so make sure you know how much water you'll need each day before buying a pump. If you live in a large house, you will need a pump with a higher GPM rating to get a continual water supply. Choosing a small pump will cause water shortages in the home, or the pumping pressure will be too low. An oversized pump isn't ideal, too, as it will pump water at imbalanced energy, so the size must be suitable for your requirements. Don't forget to check the horsepower, as this will ensure the water is supplied throughout the property at the desired pressure.

Unlike what most people think, choosing a well pump doesn't have to be complicated. When you consider the horsepower, GPM rating, brand, and well depth, you won't go wrong. You can always seek help if you need clarification before buying.