What Is Hydro Jetting?

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What Is Hydro Jetting?

2 November 2020
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Cleaning clogs inside of your pipes is a job that's virtually synonymous with most plumbers. As the years have gone by, the techniques and the tools that plumbers use to clean your pipes have also become more advanced. Decades ago, they relied on snakes to punch holes through clogs. Nowadays, they have advanced video equipment to not only detect where the clog is, but also to totally clean the inside of your pipes as well.

One of the techniques they use for this is called hydro jet pipe cleaning, which can make your pipes run as efficiently as they were the day they were installed. More information on this technique is outlined below, but if you find that you need this service in your home, contact a plumber to set up an appointment.

What is Hydro Jetting?

As the name implies, a "jet" of highly pressurized water is shot through your pipes to scrape the grime and gunk off the walls, after it's detected first by camera equipment. Rather than simply punching a hole through the clog, as most drain clearing solutions do, hydro jet drain cleaning fully cleans the pipes, eliminating the grime that can build up over years of usage.  Over time, debris such as hair, toothpaste, and even kitchen grease can form along the walls of the pipes and create blockages by themselves, or grab other particles as they drain by. While hydro jetting is appropriate for most homes, older homes that use steel and PVC piping may need to find another solution, as the pressurized water can punch a hole through the walls of the pipes and create a leak.

Why Do I Need Hydro Jetting?

As mentioned above, true drain cleaning solutions don't just allow water to pass through, they also clean the pipes. This is important since pipes have a tendency to clog again over time as that dirt and grime collect on the previous blockages. In addition to this, that buildup can start to eat away at the inside of the pipes and slowly corrode the metal; to eliminate this, you need to clear the blockage completely. Hydro jetting is also important if you're trying to reach a clog that is deep down inside your pipes, where traditional drain cleaning solutions can't reach. It can even reach into your sewer line, which can save you a bundle when it comes to clearing minor blockages in your main line, as opposed to doing a completely new installation.

For more information about hydro jet pipe cleaning, contact a local plumbing service.