Water Heater Repair: 3 Warning Signs Every Homeowner Needs To Keep In Mind

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Water Heater Repair: 3 Warning Signs Every Homeowner Needs To Keep In Mind

2 March 2021
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From taking a hot shower to washing dishes and laundry, there are numerous ways that water heaters come in handy. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't realize something is wrong with their water heater until it produces cold water.

Under such circumstances, the best thing to do is contact a water heater repair service. Considering that this is an appliance that runs on electric power, you should refrain from attempting to carry out repairs by yourself. With that said, discussed below are signs to let you know when it's time to hire a reputable water heater repair service.

1. When the Water Temperature Becomes Irregular

Does your water heater sometimes produce cold water? This can be frustrating, especially when all you want is a relaxing hot shower after a long day at work. The build-up of mineral deposits usually causes this problem. These deposits coat the heating elements with time, explaining why the water temperature becomes irregular. Having a water heater repair technician replace the heating elements will most likely fix the problem.

2. When the Water Appears Discolored

The water from your shower or faucet should be nothing short of colorless. Though high pressure can give water a foggy appearance, it does turn colorless after the pressure reduces. That said, brown water signifies a rust problem. Failure to address rust issues early means that it can spread and damage vital components.

Sedimentation is something else that can cause water discoloration. The fact that sedimentation affects water quality means that it can affect your health. Allowing a trustworthy water heater repair service to clean the water heater tank will help fix the problem.

3. When the Water Heater Produces Weird Noises

There's nothing to worry about when a water heater produces a soft buzz when in operation. However, never overlook cracking or loud banging noises. A faulty dip tube can cause such noises due to the mixing of cold and hot water. Mineral deposits are also known to cause strange noises in water heaters.

If overlooked, this problem can affect the water heater's structural integrity. This can cause water damage because the tank might develop a leaking problem. That's why it's crucial to contact a water heater repair technician as soon as you hear odd sounds.

As a prudent homeowner, it's advisable to keep an eye on the above signs. Doing so will help you address the problem in good time before it worsens. Remember that the best way to enjoy value for money is by hiring an experienced water heater repair service.