Address A Bathtub Drain Line Clog

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Address A Bathtub Drain Line Clog

31 January 2020
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If the members of your family share a bathtub and shower combo, you are probably going to encounter a clogged drain on occasion. Envision yourself coming home from work with the thought of soaking in a hot tub to ease your sore muscles. You pull back the shower curtain and notice that several inches of water are inside of the tub. If using a plunger doesn't retract the clogged materials and prompt the water to drain properly, use a brief list of steps to unclog the plumbing.

Manually Scoop Up Water And Remove The Cover Or Stopper

Because you will need to access the drain cover or the stopper and will be using a tool to remove the gunk that is stuck inside of the drain opening, the tub should be emptied first. Use a cup to collect water and dump the water into the restroom's sink. The drain opening will consist of a cover that is secured with screws or a stopper that can be unscrewed. If hardware is holding a cover in place, use a screwdriver to loosen and pull out the screws.

Use A Hand Tool To Clean The Plumbing

A tub claw is a long, flexible hand tool that can be used to dislodge hair and soap chunks. It will have a series of metal protrusions along the end of it that will grab foreign materials. Insert the end of the claw through the drain's opening. You will feel the tool slowly give, as it comes into contact with the section of the drain line that curves.

Push the claw further and further down the drain, until you cannot move it downward. Use one hand to grip the tool's handle and pull upward. Use a sponge or damp paper towel to grasp the end of the claw, to remove foreign materials that were stuck inside of the drain. Repeat this process, until you are no longer able to collect any hair or soap debris. Replace the drain cover or the stopper.

Add A Drain Opener And Clean The Tub

A liquid or a granule drain opener is a product that may contain potassium hydroxide or sulfuric acid. The main component of the product will remove and dissolve clogs, by loosening and breaking down the materials that are stuck in the plumbing. Since the tub claw may not have removed all of the hair or soap that was stuck inside of the drain line, use a drain opener to assist with eliminating any residue that remains.

Follow the instructions listed on the opener's bottle. After pouring liquid or granules over the cover or stopper's opening, you will need to wait several minutes for the product to effectively eliminate the clog. Afterward, turn on the cold or hot water to make sure that water drains effectively. Clean the tub prior to filling it up with hot, sudsy water that you can soak in.

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