Sources of Problems for Your Drains

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Sources of Problems for Your Drains

10 May 2019
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Homeowners will often fail to fully appreciate the range of threats and problems that can impact their drains. This can leave them vulnerable when common drain issues occur in their home. Luckily, drain issues are not particularly difficult for informed homeowners to repair or prevent.


Grease can be one of the most common sources of major clogs as it can create a sticky residue in the pipes, and it may also form clumps that can eventually stop the flow of water. Taking great care to avoid letting grease go down the drains will be the most important thing for avoiding these problems. Unfortunately, grease can be more likely to go down the drains when you are cooking or washing dishes. You can combat this source of minor grease by thoroughly rinsing the drain after these tasks. Rinsing the drain for several minutes with hot water will flush most of the residual grease that may remain.

Hard Water

Another source of serious problems for your home's plumbing can be hard water. However, this is an issue that homeowners frequently fail to fully appreciate as being a major threat. When a home has hard water, hard mineral deposits can form throughout the plumbing system and any fixtures or appliances that use water. While it is possible to correct a home's hard water, a special treatment system will need to be installed. The complexity of this upgrade will require hiring a plumbing contractor, but it will allow you to conveniently and effectively soften your home's water.


Hair clogs are likely the most common issue for drains to experience. When large amounts of hair clump together, the water flowing through the drain may be greatly slowed or completely stopped. While a drain auger is the most effective and easiest option for removing the hair, a strainer will be able to stop the hair from entering the drain in the first place.

Large Objects

Unfortunately, it can be possible for large objects to enter the drain. These objects can be extremely difficult to remove as they may not dissolve when exposed to clog-removing chemicals, and they may not be removable with augers or other common tools. If you suspect that a large solid object has entered the drains, a professional plumbing service will need to be contacted to extract the object. Otherwise, you may damage the plumbing or force the object deeper into the plumbing.