Correcting Myths About Renting A Porta Potty

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Correcting Myths About Renting A Porta Potty

26 September 2018
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There are many different logistical challenges that will need to be met when overseeing a construction project. Providing a porta potty for construction sites will be a basic but essential responsibility, but there is enough misinformation about these services to lead individuals into having false assumptions about porta potty rentals.

Myth: A Porta Potty Will Have To Be Emptied Every Day

It is often assumed that a porta potty will need to be scheduled to be emptied every day. The exact frequency of emptying the porta potty will depend on the amount of use that it will experience. In many instances, a porta potty may be able to last up to a week before it will need to be emptied. Most of these units will have a gage on them that can be checked to determine whether it needs to be emptied.

Myth: Using A Porta Potty Will Always Be Unsanitary

Keeping the porta potty sanitary for your workers will not be as difficult as you might assume. By having a worker designated to clean and stock them at the end of each day, it will be much easier to minimize the mess that can occur in any public restroom facilities. People may also assume that a porta potty will always smell foul, but there are a number of odor control systems in place to minimize any odors. Typically, if you are noticing strong smells coming from the porta potty, it may indicate that it is needing to be emptied.

Myth: It Is Easy To Tip A Porta Potty Over

Due to the fact that a porta potty will be freestanding, it is often assumed that they will be easily tipped over. As part of the installation process, the porta potty will be secured to the ground with anchors. The most secure anchors will be spikes that are inserted into the ground. When this is not possible, rope or chains may be used to anchor the porta potty.

Myth: Your Porta Potty Will Always Attract Pests

Concerns about pests being attracted to the porta potty can be another major fear. Fortunately, controlling pests around a porta potty may not be as difficult as you assume. For example, there are a variety of pesticides and repellents that can be applied to the area around the porta potty, and these may drastically reduce the prevalence of pests. Lastly, making sure to keep the porta potty and the area around it clean can further reduce the number of pests.