3 Things To Know About A Sewer Main Drain

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3 Things To Know About A Sewer Main Drain

29 August 2018
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The sewer main drain is where all of the sewer waste from your home is directed into the larger city system. In some places, it is your responsibility to take care of the sewer main drain, and in other places, it is considered the city's responsibility.

A Clean-Out Allows You Access to the Sewer Main Drain

When your home connects to the city's sewer system, you often have a clean-out. The clean-out is the name of the access point that allows you to access the sewer main drain that your home feeds into.

Clean-outs are usually located outside. They may be located outside near the bathroom or kitchen. If you have a basement, the clean-out may be set into your concrete foundation. Sometimes it is located somewhere in your backyard. The clean-out is usually a small circular disc, kind of like a mini sewer coverage that you see on the road. It is secretly sealed and closed to ensure that nothing gets into the sewer clean-out.

In some neighborhoods, instead of having one sewer main drain per home, there may be one for a group of homes on the same side of the street.

You Can Prevent Clogs

You can take steps to prevent clogs in your sewage main drain. One of the easiest ways to prevent clogs is by making sure that only what is supposed to go down your drain goes down it. The only thing that should go down your drain is human waste, soap, and water. Try to keep everything else in your home – from tissues and nail clippings to hair, grease, and food scraps – out of your drain. These and other similar objects can clog up your drains and lead to your sewer main drain getting clogged as well.

Clearing the Sewer Main Drain

If your sewer main drain ever gets clogged, you first need to call the city. The city will determine if it is something that you can deal with on your own or if it is something that they instead will deal with.

If it is your responsibility to have the sewer main drain cleaned and services, you are going to want to hire a plumbing company to bring a sewer snake. This is larger than a plumbing snake that you would use in your own home; it is like an industrial-sized sewage cleaning tool.

Although you are not responsible for taking care of the entire sewer system, you are responsible for making sure that your home only contributes what it should to the sewer system and keeps waste out of your plumbing that doesn't belong there. Make sure that you know where the sewer main drain is located on your property and who is responsible for servicing it – you or the city.

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