Move Into A House With A Septic Tank? 5 Signs It Has To Be Pumped

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Move Into A House With A Septic Tank? 5 Signs It Has To Be Pumped

7 August 2018
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If you've never had a septic system before, it can be difficult to tell how to maintain it. When do you need to get it pumped? How can you tell that it's full? There are a multitude of signs that your septic tank is going to need to be emptied, and it's better to get on this as soon as possible.

1. Your Sewer is Backing Up

This may seem to be obvious, but a sewer back up is going to happen at the lowest levels of your home first. So, for instance, if you have a bathroom in your basement, it's going to back up first. Pay special attention to these lowest level systems, so you can identify a potential backup before it spreads through your house.

2. You Detect Odors Around Your Home

If your septic system needs to be pumped, you may not smell anything inside of your home. Instead, you may smell odors throughout the outside of your home and around your yard, as this is where your septic system actually is. The worse the odor, the more likely it is that your septic tank has filled. 

3. Your Lawn Keeps Growing

What is a septic tank except for, essentially, liquid fertilizer? If your septic tank has started to leak, then your lawn is going to look lush and green. It's going to grow more in the area directly over the tank anywhere else, so it's going to make for a very visible sign that something has gone wrong with your tank. Of course, if you don't get it addressed, the lawn could get overrun.

4. Your Lawn Overflows

When the situation isn't addressed with your septic tank, it will eventually overflow to the point where it pools on your lawn itself. This is the worst symptom, because it can permanently damage your lawn. If it's allowed to sit for too long, you may find yourself having to re-sod. 

5. Your Drains Are Slow

If your home's drains are all moving slowly, there are really two issues it could be: a clog in your pipes or a full septic tank. It's best to check out both of these problems, as neither are really good. 

As time goes on, you'll find it easier to tell exactly when your septic tank has to be pumped. Getting a regular servicing of your tank can keep it running as it should and make sure that you never end up going without a needed emptying.