Tips For Installing A Leak-Free Toilet

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Tips For Installing A Leak-Free Toilet

13 October 2017
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If you need to install a new toilet, then you should do so in a way that the toilet retains a tight seal at the base. This is important to make sure that the toilet does not leak. If you want a solid and secure base, then keep reading to learn about some tips to help you with a leak-free toilet installation. 

Investigate The Flange

If you look at the base of the toilet then you will see a few different parts. These parts include the wax seal and the flange. The flange sits around the toilet drain pipe. It attaches to both the floor and the toilet. However, this part can leak if it is recessed in the floor. This happens when the flange is not tall enough to fit around the drain pipe and to meet the edge of the floor. 

If you notice that the flange is recessed or if this part is cracked or loose, then you should replace it with a new flange. If the drain appears an inch or a bit lower than the floor, then look for a flange with a four-inch PVC fitting. A fitting with a slip fit end will work well to create a seal with the drainage pipe. Secure the flange to the floor with the help of the included bolts. 

If your floor is unusually thick, then you may need to purchase a flange with a raised face. You can also buy a flange plate or a fitting accessory to raise up the flange a bit.

Add A New Wax Seal

Almost every toilet has a wax seal. A wax seal is a circular wax fitting that sits on top of the flange and seals the bottom opening of the toilet to the floor and the drain opening. The wax is meant to shift and mold to the toilet opening, so the simple act of removing the toilet destroys the wax ring. You do need to purchase a new wax ring and secure it properly over the flange to reduce potential leaking issues. 

The wax seal should be centered over the drain opening. The edge of the wax ring should meet the edges of the flange. When you are ready to secure the toilet in place, make sure to set it straight down over the wax ring. If you angle the toilet or wiggle it while securing it, you can push in the side of the wax ring and destroy the seal. 

When you are finished with the installation, make sure all bolts are secured to the toilet base so the toilet does not wiggle. You also want to check for leaks once the water is turned back on. Contact a company like Ken Rentmeister Plumbing for more information and assistance.