Three Situations Where You Need A Video Inspection Of Your Sewer Pipes

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Three Situations Where You Need A Video Inspection Of Your Sewer Pipes

10 October 2017
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A sewer video inspection is when a plumber puts a video camera down your pipes. This can be useful in a range of situations. Here are three signs you may need a video inspection.

1. You Have a Clog

If you have a clog somewhere in your system, a video inspection can help you find it. Basically, the camera goes down the pipe until it hits the clog. At that point, the sewer professional can see the clog, but he or she can also locate exactly where you need sewer cleaning.

In most cases, these cameras have a transmitter. If the sewer cleaning professional goes outside, he or she can find where the camera is by using special equipment that detects the transmitter. Then, the professional knows exactly where to dig to access that section of the pipe.

2. Your Own Camera Isn't Finding Anything

Are you suffering from all the signs of a sewer clog such as backed up toilets, slow drains, and bad odors? However, when you put your own camera down the pipes, do you see nothing? In these cases, you may also want to turn to a professional.

In most cases, sewer professionals have cameras that go far beyond the cameras that homeowners buy. Professional cameras tend to go much deeper into the system. They also have better lights and high-resolution images. In many cases, they are also self-righting so the image stays upright.

Finally, the person operating the sewer camera knows exactly what to look for, as he or she does this all the time. Unfortunately, amateurs often don't have the experience to interpret the images that come from a camera in the sewer.

3. You Want to Add a Bathroom or Kitchen to Your Home

A video inspection can also be a useful way to estimate how much tolerance your sewer system has for more wastewater. If you are adding a bathroom, a kitchen, or even just an extra sink or toilet, you need to know whether or not your sewer pipes can handle that.

A video inspection gives you that information. In some cases, the pipes themselves are fine. They have plenty of room. However, they may have a coating on them which may slow down the movement of waste through your pipes. In those cases, you may just need a sewer pipe cleaning before you finish your addition.

To learn more, contact a sewer cleaning and repair professional directly and ask about video inspections.