Flushing Money Down The Drain: 3 Tips To Help Prevent Wasteful Plumbing Problems

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Flushing Money Down The Drain: 3 Tips To Help Prevent Wasteful Plumbing Problems

5 October 2017
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In some areas of your home, you may be flushing money down the toilet. Problems with toilets can cause costly leaks and be inefficient. To improve your bathroom plumbing, doing things like stopping leaks and reducing water consumption will make a different on your water bill. Here are a few tips that will help you reduce the problems that come from toilets in your home:

1. Different Options to Reduce Water Consumption 

There are many different types of toilets that can be used to reduce water consumption. If you have a toilet that has problems with flushing, then you may want to consider an option like a gravity flush toilet, which also uses less water. There are also vacuum and pressure assist toilets, which use a lot less water, but can be costlier and complicated to repair.

2. Stop Leaking Toilets by Replacing the Valve and Flapper

One of the costliest plumbing problems that homeowners have is a leaking toilet. As your toilet continues to run, the water bill is going up. The leaking-toilet problem is also something that you can easily fix. If the problem is causing your water consumption to go up, then you will want to replace the flapper and seals at the bottom. It is best to get an entire set and replace all the components inside the tank to ensure that you do not have any more problems with a leaking tank on your toilet.

3. Simple Tricks to Help Reduce the Water That Toilets Use

If you do not want to completely replace your toilet, then there are also some tricks that you can do to reduce the amount of water it consumes. A simple trick is to adjust the float and valve in the toilet to fill the tank with less water. You can also try using jugs filled with sand to occupy space and reduce the amount of water needed to fill the tank. If you do these things, you will want to check to make sure the toilet still operates properly. Once you have done the adjustments, flush the tank a couple of times to check to see if it is operating correctly.

These are some tips that will help stop that wasteful problems with toilets. Contact a plumbing contractor to help with replacing components, installing new fixtures, and other repairs that could save you from flushing money down the drain.