Efficient Plumbing And Accessories For A Faster Kitchen Cleanup

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Efficient Plumbing And Accessories For A Faster Kitchen Cleanup

1 October 2017
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Reducing food waste in the trash can, making kitchen cleanup easier, and generally reducing kitchen workload are easily obtainable with the right types of plumbing and devices. From garbage disposals to sink types and accessories, you can look forward to a much easier time in the kitchen depending on your investment. Here are a few kitchen improvement points to consider the next time you speak with a plumber:

A Garbage Disposal's Multiple Benefits

The main purpose of a garbage disposal unit is to destroy food waste. This can drastically reduce the amount of waste inside your indoor trash cans, which makes taking out the trash as a chore less of a pain.

You won't be forced to take the trash out on a daily basis if you're not dumping in food waste that degrades and becomes a bacteria problem over time, which means less wasteful trash bag use and fewer health problems caused by trash as well. Of course, some households have a culturally-bound need to take out the trash even if there's a candy wrapper inside, but that's irrelevant to health and air quality.

Another benefit of garbage disposal is their ability to keep the plumbing clean and free of basic blockage. Along with bigger, more affordable pipes entering the market in the past one or two decades, garbage disposals can make an accidental drop of food a non-issue by pulverizing the food and forcing it through the pipes.

This reduces the amount of food waste buildup that could stick or calcify to the sides of the pipes. A ripping, tearing force can clean the pipes more efficiently as the vortex created by a garbage disposal unit drills through the plumbing path.

There are multiple quality levels for garbage disposals, and you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for standard quality. Investing more money means getting more power from the disposal unit to destroy tougher foods, such as being able to shred tough meats. Other advanced features include a safety shutoff mechanism in case a hand enters the disposal unit (which is a last-minute defense, not an excuse to reach in!) and access traps in case rings or other objects are dropped in by accident.

Sink Enhancements For Busy Kitchens

Are you so busy in the kitchen that reaching for the water knob or dial is a problem? If you need both hands for what you're doing and need to turn on the water, touch-powered faucets can help.

These faucets can be turned on by touching a specific side of the faucet neck with any skin contact, whether it's the back of your hand, the side of your arm, or your elbow. This is extremely helpful when you can't put down a large bowl without causing other problems, or if your hands are too dirty to touch standard dials without creating a cleanup disaster.

How well does your sink fit your needs? Deeper sinks have always been an improvement point, but consider sinks that are wider or with more stable bottoms. Some sinks have rounded edges or bowl-shaped bottoms that facilitate easier washing and water funneling, but you may prefer a sink with a flat bottom to set glasses and other objects without knocking them down.

Contact a plumber to get help with selecting and installing great accessories for your kitchen. For more information and assistance, click this link.