How To Handle Building-Wide Plumbing Issues

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How To Handle Building-Wide Plumbing Issues

27 September 2017
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Plumbing issues that are a small irritant for domestic users can be a big deal for commercial building owners. Failure to resolve commercial plumbing issues can be very costly as a plumbing problem can put you temporarily out of business. Who wants to eat in a restaurant with a clogged toilet? A burst sewer in a commercial building will definitely put off customers while a broken water pipe in a school can cause a shutdown. Below are tips on how to handle common commercial plumbing problems.


This is a common problem with toilets, underground pipes and faucets. Whereas leaks will cost a domestic user a few hundred dollars, these can translate into thousands of dollars for a commercial building.  They can also cause serious losses in terms of structural damage to the building. Unrepaired leaks can cause mold to grow which in the long-term will pose a health risk. You are advised to call a commercial plumber, such as Power Pro Plumbing, to fix your leaks.

Clogged Sewers and Drains

Toilets in commercial buildings are heavily used and the risk of clogging is high. In case of clogging, first turn off the water supply to avoid worsening the situation. Next, call a commercial plumber who'll use a snake to push down the stuff.

Drains in commercial kitchens suffer a lot of abuse due to the amount of grease and solid material that pass through them daily. For drains, cameras are used to determine the source of the problem. This may be followed by hydro jet cleaning. You most likely do not have the expertise or the equipment to unclog kitchen drains yourself. Call your plumber for professional service.

Water Heating Problems

If your system is not supplying you with hot water as it should, you need to have it repaired or replaced. It may be too small for your business needs. Call a professional for a proper diagnosis.

Sewer Smells

These normally come through the bathroom floor. This happens because the "U" pipe in the bathroom floor is not filled with water as it should. Pour odor blocking liquid down the drain. If this does not work, call a commercial plumber.

Commercial plumbing issues are a serious problem for business and often need urgent attention. Like domestic plumbing, having a regular maintenance schedule will help you avoid emergencies. Pay special attention to drainage, heating, and leaks to avoid those big plumbing issues.