Answering Common Hard Water Questions And Concerns For Homeowners

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Answering Common Hard Water Questions And Concerns For Homeowners

23 September 2017
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When it comes to plumbing and water quality issues, it can be easy for individuals to assure that hard water is a problem that can not be easily addressed. Often, this is due to a deep misunderstanding about this particular problem, which can make addressing it essentially impossible.

Is Hard Water Only A Problem For Those With Water Wells?

It is a reality that hard water is a problem that can strike almost any home. However, there is a common assumption that this problem will be unique to homes that use water well systems. Unfortunately, homes that are connected to the local water system can also experience this problem if the local water source is hard. Furthermore, this problem can also arise if the local water pipes are old as minerals may have accumulated on the interior of the pipes over the years.

Will Hard Water Pose Health Risks For Your Family?

It is often assumed that hard water will pose significant health risks. However, the water will typically be harmless as the minerals it contains will not be in high enough quantities to pose health hazards. Unfortunately, this water may have a foul taste or leave a residue after you shower or bathe. This residue can cause reactions for those that have sensitive skin. Additionally, this water can be very damaging to any plumbing appliances or fixtures as the minerals can clog these devices.

Does Installing A Water Softener Require Major Changes To Your Plumbing?

Addressing the problems that hard water can pose will require the installation of a water softening system. These systems are able to extract the excess minerals from the water. Unfortunately, homeowners may avoid using these systems due to a belief that installing one will require major changes to the home's plumbing system. However, these sites are fairly simple to install. Typically, they will only need to be connected to the home's primary water intake, and they will need access to a drain. As a result, it will be possible to install one of these systems with minimum expenses and disruptions.

A hard water problem can lead to your home's water suffering a serious degradation in taste and it can lead to appliances suffering damage. Yet, failing to appreciate that this is a problem almost any home can suffer, the types of issues hard water can create along with the ease of installing a water softening system can make it harder for you to take actions to minimize this plumbing issue. Contact a service, like Knights Plumbing & Drain, for help.