Maintaining An Air Conditioning System

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Maintaining An Air Conditioning System

19 September 2017
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It is very important that you stay up with the maintenance of your air conditioning system. Hot summer days in a home that does not have air conditioning can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes it can be dangerous. If your body is sweating when you are at home, something is wrong. If you want your air conditioner to work all through the summer you need to be proactive and maintain your air conditioning system. Here are a few different ways that you can maintain that air conditioning system, and make sure that the system makes it through the summer still going strong.

Air Ducts

You need to keep your air ducts cleaned for a few different reason. First, the air ducts are the only way that the cool air is able to go through your entire home. Over a long period of time the dust and the other small debris can settle in the duct system. This can actually block of the airflow to a specific room in the home. Not only does it block off the airflow, but it can also put a lot of extra stress on the unit. The extra stress can cause malfunctions to occur in the system. If you do not clean out your air ducts it is also possible that the dust and mold can cause upper respiratory infections.


Your air conditioning system's compressor is also a cause of concern. You should check the compressor at least once a year. It can be difficult to remember since it is outside, but look for any vegetation that is growing up toward your compressor. Cut all vegetation back and start cleaning out the inside of the compressor. When all the debris is cleaned out of the compressor bend all the fins back so they are straight. You do not want anything to obstruct the flow of air into the compressor. You also want your compressor to be completely level so the coolant can travel through the coils without any problem. 


Have a technician come and look at the unit itself. Often even after we perform some simple maintenance like changing out the air filter, it is possible to miss something. A technician can come to the home and inspect the unit. This allows the technician to catch the insignificant problems before they turn into something significant. Having a technician look at your air conditioner once a year can really save your entire system. 

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