Stinky Bathroom? 3 Potential Plumbing Issues to Check When You Know It Isn't You

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Stinky Bathroom? 3 Potential Plumbing Issues to Check When You Know It Isn't You

2 March 2017
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You've scoured the toilets, flushed the drains, and still that foul bathroom odor remains. When your private sanctuary makes you want to flee to a public restroom, you know that it is time to take action. Due to the complexity of bathroom plumbing systems, foul odors can sometimes arise that have nothing to do with your ability to clean. To get to the root of the issue, consider these common plumbing problems that can make your bathroom stink.

Clogged Or Cracked Vent

People often think that their plumbing only involves water lines and drains that flush waste away from the house. However, your system also includes vents that are designed to equalize pressure and allow sewer gases to escape to the outside air. When proper venting isn't happening, the trapped gases can flow out of your fixtures. If this is the case, you might notice gurgling or bubbling in your plumbing fixtures. There can also be a strong sewer smell if the gases are coming into your bathroom. Since the vent lines can run under your home and up through your roof, it will require professional plumbing services to identify and repair the problem.

Dry Trap

Similar to your kitchen sink, there is a p-trap beneath your shower, bathtub and floor drains that is designed to hold a small amount of water and create a seal that stops sewer gas from flowing back up into your home. Sometimes, this water dries up if the fixtures are not used frequently such as in a guest or basement restroom. Try running water down your drain to see if it fixes the problem. If it doesn't or you know you use the bathroom often, then it could be a malfunction with the drain.

Weakened Toilet Seal

Your toilet rests upon a wax seal that fits over the main drain. This seal helps to block air and waste water from flowing out beneath the toilet. While a properly installed seal will last many years, it is possible for it to develop a crack due to age or heavy use of the toilet over time. Since removing the toilet to replace the ring is a potentially risky endeavor that opens up your sewage lines into your home, it is best to call for home plumbing repairs so that it is done properly.

Mysterious odors in your bathroom are one of the most challenging issues to deal with in your home. Yet, most stinky smells can be narrowed down to a problem with your plumbing. By addressing the issue right away, you can restore your comfort while ensuring that your family has a sanitary place to use the toilet and bathe. Talk to a plumber like those at 5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling for more information.